Passed over the Rainbow Bridge 1/25/16

This morning I had to put one of my favorite dogs to rest.  I only had Baci for a few years but he won my heart when he was only my foster.  He had been adopted from us when he was younger and several years later he was dropped off at The Anti Cruelty Society.  They contacted us and Patti and I picked him up.  You could tell that he had been kept in a kennel for a long time because he was spinning around in circles when we brought him home.  Several months later he was adopted again. Baci had a habit of getting into everything.  So his new owner put him in a kennel while she was at work.   He ripped the kennel apart and in the course of this he damaged one of his eyes.  He was again returned to us and his eye had to be removed.  So I decided he was going to live out his life with me.  He eventually went blind in his remaining eye.  He was also deaf.  His handicaps did not affect him.  He did not have a mean bone in his body.  I referred to him as my Tank because he would just charge ahead and never look back.

Over the last few months, he developed a heart problem and even though he was taking 3 medications, things never improved, they got worse.  Today I had to leave him go over the Rainbow Bridge so he could have some peace.  Every time I have to do this, I feel like I lose a little part of my heart but get so many good memories in its place.  Rest in peace Baci.


Baci [Adopted 8/27/2012] is a sweet, wonderful senior that wants to be able to settle in and retire in his forever home. He is 11 years old and acts more like a younger dog. Baci just had an eye removed due to glaucoma and his remaining eye has a cataract that interferes with his vision. When Baci came into our home we would not have known he was blind if not for a couple of tests; and we think he still has enough vision to get around and acclimate to his surroundings. Baci is great around other dogs and is such a good boy that he does not need to be crated. He sleeps on the floor next to our bed at night and comes in and out the doggy door like a pro. He is housetrained and likes to hang near his people when they are home. Baci uses his hearing and sense of smell to map out his home and then he is good to go. A home with limited stairs would be ideal, but he is smart enough to learn if you teach him. We have not found a thing about Baci that we don't like.