angelBeamer 111


Beamer passed over the rainbow bridge 4/30/2012

Beamer [Adopted 5/9/2011] is a 14 year old boy who found himself in an animal control facility a few days before Christmas.  His owner had died and the family just didn’t want him.  Although he was all the way in North Carolina, he tugged at our  heartstrings.  How could someone do this to a dog especially at this time of year.  He had no chance of being adopted and was scheduled to be euthanized.  The shelter had no intention of keeping him alive even one more day.  With the effort of many people, Beamer was saved,.  On behalf of Beamer, we would like to thank the national Cocker rescue list for making us aware of his plight, Joe from Collie rescue for rushing to the shelter to get and him and then driving him half way across NC to meet our wonderful NC volunteer who held Beamer until he could get on a transport to the north.  Yes Beamer, there is a Santa Claus.

Beamer is a wonderful old gentleman who  is just happy to be alive. He is housetrained and really does not need  a crate.  He has been known to chase a cat or two the cats just laugh.  We did determine that Beamer is hypothyroid and is now on a thyroid supplement which is very inexpensive.