In Loving Memory of Lilly (Becky051)

From email received 9/26/2007

In April 2005 my husband and I adopted a little girl from Shorewood. She was a black/white angel named Becky by Shorewood. But she became our Lilly.

We lost our sweet angel Lilly on Sunday night. She had lung cancer and her lungs were filling with blood. She was drowning and that sweet baby girl did not deserve one second of pain. We made the decision and let her go. She drifted away peacefully with her mom and dad holding her.

Lilly has three Cocker sisters, two Cocker brothers and one Persian cat sister. She was loved and spoiled so much. But, she was by far the sweetest, most gentle, docile little girl I have ever had or known. Everyone who met her said the same thing. Even when she was the emergency vet, she was obviously in pain, yet she let the doctor and the techs take X-rays and give her oxygen with no problem. Even in great pain, she was so good.

Lilly had a rough life before Shorewood. Even since she had been with us at home, since April 2005, she had a lot of medical problems too. She was deaf and had the Cocker ear problems. She had allergies and skin problems, so she had a dermatologist. In May 2006 she had an episode of Old Dog Syndrome, essential a bout of vertigo common in older dogs 10 and over. Although I have had dogs (all Cockers) for 25 years and had never heard of it. Then last December Lilly had a very serious case of pancreatitis that left her hospitalized for 5 days. We almost lost her then, but she was so strong she made a great recovery. She also had congestive heart disease and an enlarged heart. But none of that did it, it was cancer. We got her the best medical care and would have gone to the end of the earth if there was something else we could have done for her.

My only regret is that we only had 2 1/2 years with her. I feel cheated, but I only hope that that little girl knew how much she was and is loved. I just hope that the love that we gave her was enough to make up for the all the bad in her prior life. She was truly a girlie girl. She pranced when she ran. And one of her favorite things was the lure course. We brought her to the Wigglebutt Walk a few months after she came home to us, and she went crazy for the lure course! She also liked to chase bunnies in the yard. But she just wanted to play, she would not hurt a fly.

Before we said our goodbyes to Lilly, my husband and I both kissed her and inhaled the scent on her muzzle between her eyes. That was Lilly's sweet spot to be rubbed. She loved it. Each of the kids have their own scent. After we got home on Sunday night, our other Cocker kids were acting strange. One by one, we hugged and kissed them. Each one of them had Lilly's scent between their eyes, across the nose and muzzle. It was strange, because within an hour or so, none of them had Lilly's scent anymore. It was as if our Lilly came to say goodbye and to let her brothers and sisters know she was OK. I believe that because she really was an angel.

Thank you for bringing that sweet little wonderful angel Lilly into our lives. She was truly an angel and God must have wanted her back. We miss her terribly but cherish the time we had with her. God let us have our Lilly for a short time, but she will stay in our hearts forever.

Nina and Lorenz Burkert

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