In Loving Memory of Blaze

Blaze came to us from a city shelter last August. He had been a turn in, I think the owner had died and someone had dropped him off there. Unfortunately, when we took him in for his vet appointment the next week we found out that he had kidney disease so would be unadoptable. But he still had a lot of life and a lot of love in him which he shared with us and anyone else he happened to meet. Although his hips were arthritic, he loved being outside with us while the weather was still warm and enjoyed his walks where he would stop people by rolling over and waiting for a belly rub. His kidney disease finally caught up with him last week and we had to let him go. This picture doesn't do him justice as it was taken before he was groomed but he was a beautiful, affectionate dog and I miss him terribly. Tom and I are both saddened at the loss of our little friend.

Tom and Nancy were Blaze's loving foster parents.