Crossed to the Rainbow Bridge - 09/13/2020 -Bridget [Adopted 11/8/2014] is a black female that is estimated to be 8 years old. She was found as a stray. She is a petite girl who weighs 21 pounds. She has dry eye in both eyes that require eye drops twice a day. She allows me to give her eye drops and enjoys a little face massage afterwards.
Bridget is a smart dog but needs someone who will let her know the rules of the house. She wants to please you. Bridget understands sit, down and give me paw. She will also stay at the top of my basement stairs while I get supplies. She is a happy girl and enjoys being with her people. After breakfast and in the evenings, she enjoys finding a warm body to snuggle with. She has a soft coat and likes to be petted and brushed. She enjoys the occasional belly rub (when she requests them). She sleeps in a dog bed but does like to try to sneak up on the bed if she gets cold. She is happy in her crate when no one is home. She rides well in the car and enjoys looking out the window.

We have had opportunities for Bridget to meet a few small children. She wags her tail and seems to be very interested in them, but she does not like loud noises or a lot of commotion. We believe she would fit best into a family without small children, but would be ok with them visiting under supervision. We have a teenager and a pre-teen that are used to having older dogs that need a gentle touch and she is good with them. She will let them know if she has had enough of them with a little growl.

We also think Bridget would be best as an only dog. We have a younger male cocker that she tolerates, but she does not do well with another dominant female.

We have found that Bridget likes to chew on the natural hallow bones that can be filled with something like peanut butter (we would not recommend the filled ones) and various antlers. She also loves to chew raw hide and the meatier knuckle bones, but can have a little possessive aggression with these items. Because of this, we do not allow her to have them. If she does get some item that she becomes possessive over, she can be diverted rather easily with a small treat.

After fostering Bridget for a while, we have found that she prefers to be walked twice per day to do her business. When provided with a walk in the morning after breakfast and a walk in the early evening, she does not have any accidents. She walks well on a leash and knows the heal command. We are having some success working on her going in our yard instead of a morning walk. But she loves to be outside following all the smells. Her little tail wags endlessly while she smells her way around my yard. She is very curious. I have a pond and she will sit and observe the goldfish that my other dogs ignore. That is what she is doing in the outdoor picture.

Bridget waited a long time to find her people. When she found them they gave her the new name Molly. They said "She has been a wonderful companion and a very good girl and we're grateful for out time together."

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