In Loving Memory of Buster051

This gentle giant and awesome boy died in Rescue before he could find his home of his own. He didn't find his home, but died a much loved boy!

The following is his Adoptable's bio:

A few months ago, we received a call from one of the local animal control facilities advising us that they had a Cocker. He was describes as older, slightly oversized and with a slight ear infection. Well... Buster arrived. He is a huge Cocker weighing about 40 lbs when he is really good weight as he is now and with the worst ear infection we had ever seen. Black secretions were running down the side of his head and had formed huge balls of debris hanging from his ears. We had doubts that we could ever cure this dog. There were days when we wondered why we took him into rescue, he seemed so hopeless. The dog was obviously in tremendous pain. When we would touch his ears, he would just whimper. We grew to love this old boy. Never once did he growl or show any sort of aggression although we knew that even the mildest treatments were causing him great pain. We were religious about his treatments and his ears now look great. Unfortunately, Buster is deaf. Years of having his ears untreated took their toll. He is now on a very high quality diet and he is really getting a spring in his step. I think he is reliving the youth that he probably never had. Now Buster needs to find a home of his own. His new family must promise to keep his ears clean and to be sure he gets high quality food. He will reward them with unconditional love.