Dexter (Buster111)

Passed over teh Rainbow Bridge March 21, 2016

Dexter and Mr Goat006

Buster 111
Buster [Adopted 9/27/2011] is a white and buff 10 year old male . He came from a high kill facility. He is a larger cocker and a most handsome guy . I was told he is toy and food possesive . I  hid the toys ,and feed him seperatly (  no problem). He found the toys and was having such fun that I take him in another room, away from my three other  cockers and play with him. He does fear thunderstorms , he is better as I pet him and talk to him he usually calms down . He does not seem his age , He is a very Strong boy , He loves walks , but I have to hold tight to the leash ,as if he see s a squirrel , bunny or a bird he will go after it   and because he is strong will pull . I would not recommend a child walk him.He is good with children and the  other dogs  I have . He rides nicely in the car and is good for the groomer . I have never had to crate him .I feel because he loves to play he would be happier in a home where he is the only dog and that he should be in a fenced yard where he can chase squirrels. He is a very nice boy and I have enjoyed him . He will make a wonderful companion .