In Loving Memory of Buster (2000)

From email 4/4/2009

Today was a very sad day in our home. We put our Cocker Spaniel, Buster, down today. He has been sick with the diarrhea since the beginning of February. That lasted til the middle of March. We also found out then he had an enlarged heart and liver plus thyroid problems. So he went on bunches of medications for all that. He seemed better but we had been noticing him stumbling much more as well as shaking/quivering a lot. The last week he has been in a fog. He would stand in one place and stare. When he walked he would bounce off the wall or walk into a corner. The last few days his breathing was very shallow and very fast. He stopped eating yesterday all together. He had been loosing weight for a few months. He was down to 23 pounds at the end. He was usually 32 or so. What an awful day this was.

We got Buster in March 2000 from the Shorewood Cocker Rescue over the internet. He was 5 years old at the time. We were able to keep him happy for another 9 years. We loved him very much.

Kathie & Jeff

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