Buster Brown071

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge July 5, 2011

Buster (AKA Busterbutt, Moose) was a very gentle, loving and faithful pup with a short stubby tail. When he greeted two-legged or four-legged friends, he merrily wagged his entire body and always made his foster brothers and sisters feel at home. He loved everyone and everyone loved him.
Without meaning to, he could be quite the entertainer. When he was outside and it started to rain, he would leap into the air catching raindrops in his mouth. He did the same with snowflakes. During periods of heavy rain when part of his yard flooded, he delighted in walking into the deepest water, staring down, fascinated by reflections. When I called him to come in, he would look up at me, “but couldn’t hear me”, and I often had to drudge through ankle deep water to pick him up and carry him in.
He especially loved fall days when the wind sent leaves sailing. His true hunter spirit would kick in as he leaped up or chased down the elusive leaves. He proudly held his prized possessions in his mouth and often brought them back home. He also prized socks and at any given opportunity would grab one and trot through the house with his great find.
Being the ever-faithful pup, when I went out he would sit looking out my front window waiting for my return and when I drove up, would quickly scurry to greet me at the door.
Buster was a special, very much loved pup. A sudden onset of cancer cut short his time and the very difficult decision was made to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge. Loran and I love you and sorely miss you, Busterbutt, and you will always be in our hearts.


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