In Loving Memory of Caesar

Adopted March 23, 2007

Went to Rainbow Bridge on October 30, 2009

Caesar arrived in resuce with his lady, Kelsie, and their newborn puppy, Miracle. From email from his mom "This past April, Caesar was diagnosed with lymphoma. He responded well to the medication, but two weeks ago he had a stroke and his head was tilted to the side and it was impairing his vision. He was so scared and it was not getting any better. The vet came and looked at him and tried one more shot, but unfortunately there was no improvement. Last night the vet came and put him to rest and it was very sad, but it was peaceful for him being at home in his own bed. He was a good dog and after all he had been through in his life time, I felt so sorry that he got this disease. He did not deserve it. I surely hope that he enjoyed his life with us for 2 1/2 years. We all grew fond of him. We will miss him very much."

Here is Roxanne's Memorial for Caesar:

When I adopted Caesar, I had recently lost my cocker who was one month away from being 16 yrs. old. He reminded me of her & it was almost like he knew it was his job to take over for her. He was a very good dog and always wanted to keep track of me. I felt so bad when he was diagnosed with lymphoma because he surely did not deserve it. We miss you Caesar and will remember you always.



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