dog angelCaptain021


Passed over teh rainbow bridge : October 25, 2013

Captain [ADOPTED MAY 21] is a black, show bred, two year old male who was blind due to cataracts in each eye when he came to us. After cataract removal surgery and several weeks of post op treatment, he is no longer blind! We will always be grateful for the wonderful foster care Elaine Baumann provided to Captain, and the numerous clinic appointments she took him to that were considerable distance from her home. Karen Reinen provided the funding that made this surgery a reality and so we are most grateful to her as well. What a lucky Cocker Captain is to have the dedication and generosity of two such caring individuals.

Captain came to us from the shelter in Beaver Dam where he was surrendered by his family due to the fact that he had become fearful after becoming blind, and they feared he may bite their child as a result. He took less than 24 hours to develop enough trust with me for me to bathe and clip him. He is loving and sweet with me once he gets my scent. He is definitely cautious with strangers who try to touch him. He is a beautiful dog, good weight and tone, who loves to be near you.

Captain is now ready for a forever home. He is loving and not so intimidated by strangers, but Elaine tells me, he is still a little stubborn on rare occasions and so we are looking to place him with an experienced family who has a good knowledge of dog/man roles and relationships.