dog angelCaptain081


Passed over teh rainbow bridge : October 25, 2013

Several years ago I was fostering a little dog named Captain021.  We were at one of our adoption events and a little girl sat down on the floor to play with Captain.  When her mother called her to go, she was getting up from the floor and Captain jumped up on her and scratched her face.  The little girl started crying that Captain bit her.  I knew that wasn’t the case because Captain was blind.  He just loved little kids and didn’t want her to stop playing with him.  There was such a stink made about this incident.  The mother said she wanted to make sure that this never happened to another child.  Her little girl was only 3 years old.  I decided to adopt Captain myself and I have never regretted it.  He was blind and deaf but one of the sweetest little dogs that I have been fortunate enough to have come into my life.  He would hold his head up high and bounce along on his walks.  The little neighbor kids that lived behind  me called him Captain Cowboy.  He looked like he was wearing chaps and just galloped along.  Just a few months short of his 16th birthday,  things starting going wrong for Captain.  Where before he always could find his way around with no problem, he was now walking into walls and falling down stairs.   He never let it bother him but it was heartbreaking to watch. There was no medication that could correct this problem. I made the hard decision to let him join the rest of the Zablotski clan over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, October 25.  H was a big part of my life and I miss him terribly.  Rest in peace,  Dear Captain.