Passed over the Rainbow Bridge November 23, 2016

Maisy will forever be my best girl.  We shared almost 15 years together.  She was my Valentine and my St Nick gift.  She came into my life on February 16th, 2002.  It was cold.  We got the first big snowfall that day.  I sat at my dining room table filling out the contract with her standing on my lap, front paws on my shoulders, tiny face in mine.  She came with a plush striped ball that was bigger than her head.  She’d grab it by the skin of her teeth, nose all wrinkled and run around with her head completely obscured.  She was smaller than my 2 cats and I was hoping they’d show her who was boss so she wouldn’t terrorize them, but Maisy was nonstop, all over the place and they wanted nothing to do with her. 
She loved the snow.  That first weekend it got so deep, she’d tunnel underneath it with just the tip of her tail emerging like a flag and then out of nowhere, she’d leap in the air biting at the snow.  On walk’s she’d climb up hills, tuck her shoulder and head and then slide down the hill of snow.  I bought her a coat to keep her warm, but we never ended up using it because she loved to roll in the snow so much.
She loved food and she was so smart.  I took her to positive reinforcement training for 10 weeks.  We started giving a command and a treat when she responded.  Slowly we were supposed to take the food away until finally she should have obeyed the command without the food.  Not Maisy.  She would just look at me like “where’s the food?  I know I got food for this before.”  Her favorites were popcorn and anything mint.  I have an old electric kettle popper that I would set on the cutting board and when it would start to sizzle, Maisy would sit under it and stare just waiting.  I always shared with her, but one time sitting next to me on the couch, she just couldn’t take it any longer and jammed her head into the bowl I had on my lap.  At Christmas I bought candy cane ice cream and the mint ice cream Christmas trees just for her.
She drove me crazy the first 3 months, howling in her kennel at night.  I remember silently begging “please don’t be Beagle.”  Turns out part of her mystery half was indeed Beagle.  I remember her standing at the front window and barking for the first time.  She jumped and stared at me, not knowing the sound had come from her.  No howling after that.
She had a 2nd home in Ephraim.  We would rent a cabin Memorial Day weekend almost every year.  We’d go to Wilson’s ice cream shop and everyone wanted to share their cones with her.  She’d figured out all she had to do was sit in order to get something.  Everyone thought she was being so good, but didn’t realized she was really begging.
My dad used to come over and help me with my yardwork.  His van alarm had a particular beep.  She would hear it and get really excited.  She always knew it was him.
She made messes.  She grew thumbs when I was at work and I’d come home to the garbage under the sink, now all over the kitchen and dining room floors.  I had to child proof the cabinet.  She pulled bags of sugar and flour onto the flour and I’d find Annie (her Cocker sister) standing in the middle of the piles, nose glued shut from the water/flour paste concoction that had occurred.  I’m convinced Maisy did it for a laugh. 
We adopted Annie in 2007 so Maisy would have a buddy.  Annie came from a puppy mill and learned everything about being a dog from Maisy.  Maisy knew Annie was different.  She was so good to her.  Annie liked to hoard all of the chews and toys even though she had no clue what they were for.  One day she had every toy in her bed with her except the chew Maisy had in her mouth.  Annie stared and stared and finally wandered over, gently put her mouth on the chew while it was still in Maisy’s mouth and after a few seconds, Maisy just let go.  Annie also like to use Maisy as a step stool.  She’d get excited for food or attention and she’d stand on Maisy’s back for a leg up.  Maisy tolerated it all.
Maisy’s favorite thing in the world was car rides.  She loved having her face in the wind.  The pure joy on her face as her little ears flapped in the breeze made my heart stop.  I loved watching her face in the side mirror.  Cold, hot, the window had to be down.  I drove with the heater cranked and the seat warmers on, window down when it was 10 degrees out and colder.  So cold her little nose would be foaming.  It was so fun to see peoples’ reactions when they saw her at stop lights.  Always smiles.
She definitely had more than 9 lives and more than her fair share of ailments.  Her love of food, coupled with Cushings sent us to emergency for many “dietary indiscretions.”  I’m on a first name basis with at least half of the emergency staff.  She went for acupuncture and laser therapy every month for her osteoarthritis.  She even had her very own dog stroller/bike trailer for when she couldn’t go on walks anymore.  I would ride her over to grandma’s on Saturdays to get spoiled.
There are so many more memories.  I wish I could share them all.  She’s the love of my life.  It was she and I against the world for so long.  She saved me over and over.  She taught me patience.  She was so smart and fun and beautiful.  I could see all of her in her eyes.  Her little face that greyed more and more over time.  She was still in there.  Her little body just couldn’t go on.  I said goodbye to Maisy (Carla021) 2 days before Thanksgiving last year.  I carried her from the car, wrapped in her blue fleece blanket and laid her on the cushioned floor of our vet’s office, spooning her and feeding her liver treats until she went to sleep.  I always said the last thing to go would be her nose/love of food.

Maisy Mae

Carla [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 16] is a littermate to Rico, Please see his page for more info. She is a 9 pounder at ten weeks of age!! Doing well. She is the one who likes to hide. She finds a small place to get herself into and then watches the other dogs go by. She will jump out to play with dogs she knows. She is not afraid of the larger dogs and will try to get them to play with her. She give them kisses!!! She has a sleeker shorter coat than Lola. Loves kids!! Carla is now spayed and current on shots. .