In Loving Memory of Marley (Carley2000)

June 10, 2000, Carole from Shorewood Cocker Rescue brought Marley (Carley) then 6 months old, to our home. We fell in love with the little stinker immediately. We knew why she was picked up as a stray, cause she snuck out the door the first day we got her and Brock and I chased her all over the park by our house until I said "Brock, let's just sit down and see what she does". We sat down and she came right back to us. She was playing a game. She was a great "hunter" stalking squirrels in our yard and on our fence, actually catching one once. YUK !! Marley taught many of our fosters that there was no messing around first thing in the morning, go stand by the patio door and go outside to do your business.

Marley loved her humans (especially her mama) and tolerated other dogs in her home, but she let them all know that she was the boss. Betty Grogan emailed me that her Katie and Marley are probably at the Rainbow Bridge trying to figure out who will rule the roost.

Marley became sick on a Sunday and by the following Saturday could not even stand to go outside. The vet originally thought she had colitis but I took her back to the vet on Saturday and he suspected Cancer because she was not getting better on the meds and had actually gotten worse. Steve and I decided to free her from her suffering. Marley went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 29, 2009. I loved that stinker and she will ALWAYS hold an extra special place in my heart. I used to complain about her barking when I came home.....what I wouldn't give to hear it one more time !!!

I am so happy to have had the pleasure of being Marley's mom. She is the reason we became involved with Shorewood Cocker Rescue, the best rescue organization in the world !!! Thank you, Marley !!!

Marley with her foster brother, Manhattan.

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