In Loving Memory of Casey032

In early September, 2003, shortly after losing my first cocker, I drove to an event at the Horse & Hound (now the Bark Market) with the intention of meeting 2 younger cockers I had seen on the Shorewood website. When I arrived Elaine told me that one had been adopted and the other would be late.

So I stayed and while talking to Marion, was drawn to the cute little pup lying under her table. When I stooped down to pet her, she vigorously wagged her tail and rolled on her back for a belly rub. I inquired about her and was told she was a 6-year-old pup named Casey. Six years of age? Too old. I’ll wait for the younger cocker.

For the next two hours I returned several times to the little pup under the table, and by the time the younger cocker arrived, Casey had won my heart. Two weeks later she arrived at my home.

Casey was my ever-faithful velcro pup, my daily morning wake up, loving and lovable, stubborn, feisty, nosey and snoopy.

Like many cockers, Casey loved tissue paper. Occasionally I would hear the toilet paper unrolling and there she would be, happily wagging her tail with several feet of paper strewn across the bathroom floor. And it was this perpetual search for tissue that got her into “trouble”.

One evening as I sat at my computer she squeezed past me to get under my desk. I kept my pink waste basket there so it would be out of her reach, or so I thought. A few minutes later I heard this banging noise, moved my chair back, and the photos here show what I found. I laughed so hard I cried. This is probably my funniest and fondest memory of Casey.

I’m so glad the younger cocker was late that day in September ’03. I wouldn’t trade these past 4 ˝ years with Casey for anything. She was a wonderful pup and will always hold a special place in my heart.

I miss you, little girl.


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