In Loving Memory of Cassie

From email received October 24, 2008

Just thought I would let you know that I had to put Cassie down early this morning. She had been having strokes and in the middle of the night she could no longer walk and just laid and cried. She had been having problems for the last month. I will thank you every day for giving her to me. I wish I had had her longer. She was the light of my life. Widow is doing well overall, but today she is scared and sad because she doesnít understand why Cassie isnít here. They became best friends and I know Widow misses her already.

I will miss her forever.
Debbie Wilson

Poem written for Cassie by her Mom

My Cassie
Passed away 10-24-08

They brought her for a visit
And then they said that she could stay.
She came to me that day in May
And I loved her right away.

She ran around and was so free,
You would have thought that she was three.
She looked at me and wondered
Who is She?

I felt Iíd always known her,
But I missed her early years.
Just thinking about her now
Is bringing on the tears.

No matter what she went through
She always popped right back.
I hope she knew I did my best
I gave her all I had.

Sheís waiting for me somewhere
And Iíll find her there someday.
Her little tail will wag with joy
And Iíll know she wants me to stay.

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