Passed over the Rainbow Bridge on September 22, 2018

In loving memory of our sweet girl and loyal friend Cher (Bear).   Cher gave us so much love and enjoyment the past ten years.
Watching her, taking walks at camp and playing ball which she enjoyed so much.  She would play with a tennis ball to carrying 
a soccer ball.  Its a very sad time for us - September 22nd, 2018

You are in are heart always,
Love Dad & Mom

Cher [ADOPTED AUGUST 16] is a two-year-old Black/Tan female who came to us from a South Dakota shelter where she was seized as a neglect case. She was quite thin and terribly matted as well as having ear infections. The shelter did shave her down but we do feel that when her coat grows in she will be field coated and never require a lot of grooming. She has gained some weight but could stand to gain some more. Her ears are greatly improved but will still require monitoring. Cher is crate trained and has learned to use the doggie door in her foster home. She might need some reinforcement with housetraining. We have noticed that Cher seems to have some food sensitivity issues. For that reason she should probably stay on her current grain free diet. She has the normal activity level of a dog her age so she probably would not be a good companion for a senior dog. Cher might chase cats but probably could coexist in a home with cats if a family was willing to work with her. She has been exposed to cats in her foster home and shows no desire to hurt them. She gets along well with other dogs.