Chloe passed over the Rainbow Bridge 5/4/2013

Chloe crossed the bridge on May 5.  She was the bravest dog I have ever met.  After being totally paralyzed in 2002, she fought back and not only was able to walk but could run.  No challenge was too great for Chloe.  If she was chasing a ball and her hind legs wouldn’t cooperate, she would just propel herself with her front legs.    No  matter what,  she was always the winner.  The other dogs didn’t have a chance.  I could tell many stories about Chloe the escape artist.  Life with her was an adventure.  I know she is in heaven with my dear friend Marion without whose loving care she would not have an the fantastic recovery from her 2002 surgery.  They are both missed.

Chloe [ADOPTED ON MAY 13, by her foster family who loves her too much to let her go] is a three year old, red/white female who is spayed, heartworm tested, up to date on shots, and looking for he forever home. She came to us from a private party. She was adopted in mid October and within a week suffered from a herniated disc and became paralyzed. She just had an incredibly expensive surgery to give her the best shot at recovering, but it will be the end of November before we know for sure if she will be able to walk again. She will not be offered for adoption for awhile, but we will be seeking a good family for her at some point. She is good with adults, children, and other dogs. She will make someone a loving companion.

UPDATE: December 7th. Chloe has regained the ability to empty her bladder on her own. She has gotten up from a prone position and stood on three legs. Chloe's foster parents have worked every day with her doing her physical therapy and getting her out on a sling made from a towel to walk her so she did not lose strength in her front limbs in hopes that her rear legs will be able to support her weight some day. She is making slow but sure progress. Chloe is one lucky girl.

UPDATES: December 21, Chloe took ten steps on her own today. February 2, Chloe now walks all over the place. She has lost a lot of weight which has helped her be able to get up and walk, without tiring as fast. She is happy and loving. She struggles at times but is becoming better and better at getting wherever she needs to go. She still has trouble with stairs, but has made so much progress that it has become clear, that she has no disability her own mind. We are thankful to her foster parents, who have made this possible for Chloe, and to Shorewood's special benefactress, who provided the financial support. We feel very blessed. Photo is Chloe post surgery and intense phyical therapy.