Chloe 141

chloe141aPassed over the Rainbow Bridge November 2, 2016

Chloe [Adopted June 22, 2014] is an 8 year old, red female cocker. She was surrendered by her previous owner, whose work schedule had changed, leaving Chloe alone too much of the time. Chloe is housebroken and able to follow the routines of the household well. We haven’t used a crate with her, as she sleeps all night on her dog bed and has not gotten into anything while we are away from home. She enjoys the company of our dogs, especially when we are away.

Chloe loves to sit next to us while we are watching TV, reading, etc. She is very friendly and well behaved. She doesn’t often play with toys or chew anything, but loves attention and being petted. Chloe does seem to know her name, and will come when called. She also seems to know “sit” and “stay”.

Chloe came to us a few pounds heavier than we would like, so we have had her on a low fat diet, which has been quite successful. She has lost over 4 pounds in the last month, and seems much more agile and energetic without the extra weight. She loves to go for walks and walks fairly well on the leash. Chloe would stay out in our fenced backyard most of the day if we let her - she loves to run, explore, and roll around in the grass.

Chloe tends to react to new things by barking, which is not a trait we deal with well! We have devised a simple signal (saying “shh” and holding up our hand to indicate she should stop, for her to see) which she has been able to follow. She knows if she stops barking, she gets hugs and pets - which she absolutely loves!