In Loving Memory of Clarence041

There is such a strange void and silence in our house without our handsome - Clarence boy. He took his next journey in life on Feb. 2, 2011 to visit his relatives (Poncho, Saydee, and Princess) in heaven. It’s our hope he has found his ball and is kicking it throughout the clouds. The first time Clarence came through our door – his facial expression said "I'm here". We were so excited to adopt him and from the first minute we knew he was our little boy. We are so grateful for all the love and memories. We will miss the greetings at the door with a ball or bone in his mouth. Clarence also enjoyed time with both Grandma Sally and Grandpa Chuck. Grandma
Sally would spoil him when Moms were traveling and Grandpa Chuck visited him daily to let him out; play ball; and give him a treat. It was very common for Grandma Sally to read him stories and massage him for hours. We only had you for eleven and half months. It's hard to understand why you were taken from us. Every day was special. Our love is unconditional and forever. We miss our little boy.
Rest in peace our angel,
Peg and LeAnn

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