Crossed to the Rainbow Bridge - 11/22/2021 -Clyde [Adopted 6/26/2011] is a 5 year old buff male who came into rescue from a breeder. He came in with Bonnie, who has been adopted. He is not typical of a puppy mill dog since he is very friendly and social. Clyde can be a bit skittish of some everyday noises in the household but gets over it quickly. He is crate trained and sleeps quietly in his crate at night. Clyde is working on his house training since he did not know what the outside was, much less grass. He has been doing very well with it. Clyde seeks attention and is very loving. He loves to run in the yard with the other dogs. He does not have an aggressive bone in his body. Clyde loves being a house dog and being near his people. He also loves his toys. He has not figured out how to walk on a leash yet as he is too scared to but we are working with him on that. Clyde would do well as a solo dog but would love to have a young playmate in his ideal new home. He is blind in one eye do to an old injury.


From His People: Clyde was a mellow fellow and we never had anyone turn down the opportunity to puppy sit for us and a few threats (wink) to not give him back when we got home. Everyone in the neighborhood loved saying hello to him on our daily walks. This is what my husband shared:

Please excuse me if this short e-mail message leans a bit toward the melancholy tone, but it's a bummer day today as we had to say our final goodbyes to Jenny's 'Velcro-Dog' Clyde, after 15 years on this side of the rainbow. A combination of old age (that's '105 in dog years'!) and numerous, significant, health issues in the past six months led us to make a very difficult but humane decision.

If you're curious about the reasons for the 'Velcro' nickname, the cream-colored Cocker was rescued from a cruel and disgusting puppy mill, where he had somehow survived the first 5 years of life, losing sight in one of his eyes while in captivity. Once adopted via Cocker Rescue in Crystal Lake, Illinois, Clyde 'made up for lost time' spent in the puppy mill, as he exemplified the ultimate loyalty and unconditional love, and never let Jenny stray too far away before snuggling up to her side. Their daily walks down Bayview Drive were a routine come rain, snow, but mostly sunshine as he served to brighten the day with his floppy ears bouncing as he bolted up the driveway with full understanding that a biscuit treat awaited him in the house.

We were lucky to adopt such a special fellow back in 2011, when we were DINKS (double-income, no kids), because Clyde filled a void in our family's heart and he left us today with everlasting memories, including those spent with close friends and relatives.

Rob & Jenny