In Loving Memory of CoCo051


Coco crossed the bridge this morning. Her many handicaps finally became more than her little body could handle. She came to Shorewood from another rescue. It was one of those organizations who primarily deal in puppies from the South. We were not sure why they chose to bring CoCo up here unless they thought she would be an easy placement. They soon learned that was not the case and called Shorewood about the chocolate Cocker with the slight vision impairment. We soon learned that CoCo was nearly blind and also deaf. She was a breeder from a puppy mill and therefore was not housetrained. She would definitely be a long term resident.

My dear friend, Marion, fell in love with this little dog. I could not understand the attraction. In addition to all her other problems, CoCo had IBD. Since Marion and I were room mates I told her that if she could ever house train this dog, we would adopt her. I remember my frustration while cleaning up after CoCo ís numerous accidents. I could not give up, Marion wouldnít let me. Finally the day came when I saw CoCo use the doggy dog. In addition, Marion would put a leash on Coco and lead all the dogs out for their morning walk. They made quite a sight going down the drive way. I must confess at the time I did not understand why Marion adored this dog like she did.

In January, Marion passed away and I became CoCo ís primary caretaker. A week or so after Marionís death I realized that CoCo was now totally blind. This did not stop that little Trooper. She would feel her way along the wall until she found the doggy door. She would march along on that morning walk just like before. It did not take long before she captured my heart. Then I got the worst news of all... CoCo has glaucoma. At first I was not alarmed as we could do an enucleation of her eyes. Then I got the bad news. Little CoCo had a heart blockage and was not a candidate for surgery. In addition, she was not a candidate for any heart drugs. The alternative was an ablation. CoCo was so tiny that her little body could not take the amount of drugs to do both eyes. The plan was to do one and wait several weeks to do the second. I know the pain must have been horrendous but CoCo carried on. Yesterday her little body gave out. She lost the use of her hind legs. It was time to go back to Marion. Her heart might have been damaged but this liitle dog was all heart! I will miss you CoCo. When I take that walk every morning I will always think of you.

Elaine Baumann

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