Crossed to the Rainbow Bridge - 10/27/2020 - Cotton [Adopted July 2018] is a wonderful 13 year old Spaniel that was surrendered by his owners when they lost their home. Cotton is deaf and therefore he is rather shy and very quiet. He was with me for several months before he even barked. Because of his age he does need to go out more frequently so he would be best in a home where someone is home during the day. Cotton gets along well with other dogs and will follow them around closely. Cotton does not go on the furniture but sleeps on the floor most of the time. At night he sleeps in the doorway of my bedroom. He enjoys riding in the car and does very well at the groomer and the vet. He loves going for walks but walks better with another dog by his side. He would make a wonderful companion for anyone.

From his people: Cotton, alias Cotty Beans. The English Cocker-Spaniel pro-snitcher came into our lives in his later years at 13.5 as a rescue and we never once thought of his age. He acted well below it; he was so full of energy, he made us feel old as we tried to keep up!! Everywhere I went in the house, his eyes followed and boy did he live up to his name. He would sneak around the house looking for Kleenex, his fav, toilet paper, paper and if he wanted a midnight snack, would eat holes in his cotton blanket!!!! Go figure! Our highlighted moment of him was when we took him to the Wigglebutt and entered him in the Wiggle Contest; at home, in private he was an avid butt wiggler and would almost do it on command so of course we thought he had a great chance at winning but wouldn't you know it, when I took him into the ring his tail went flat and he froze, he did absolutely nothing, nadda, nope. Perhaps he had stage fright or maybe he had the fear of being given up again but we reassured him that we loved him too much, he was staying with us until the end and he would continue getting his fav Mother Hubbard treats. He was our first rescue and lived to be over 15 1/2 years old but he gave us a lifetime of joy!!! We will miss you Cotty and have named a section of our house, Cotty's Corner, your fav spot. May God bless you and thank you Shorewood Cocker Rescue for all that you did for him and us. Dawn and Carole