Crossed to the Rainbow Bridge - 04/27/2021 - Cricket [Adopted 5/2020]
We adopted Cricket in May 2020 after we lost our beloved Wendy and wanted a companion for our older chocolate cocker, Iris. Even after being in a loving foster home with other dogs for five months, Cricket was very timid and anxious when we brought her into her forever home. With loads of love and patience, she adapted quickly and even won over Iris, who was slow to accept her new "sister" but still top dog. Cricket had so many of our late Wendy's habits that I often said she had her spirit. We loved her dearly and were devastated to learn in early March that she had chronic kidney disease, probably congenital and progressing slowly for some time. She was put on a special kidney diet, but after several trips to the vet clinic for IVs, blood work, and urinalysis, we were told that all her numbers were going in the wrong direction and that she had only days or maybe weeks to live. Cricket crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 27, 2021; she had just turned seven in January.

Remembering Cricket

With your honey blonde fur
And your darting brown eyes
We knew from the start
That you were a prize.

At first you were timid
And afraid of new spaces
But persistent exploring
Led to interesting spaces.

Iris missed her dear pal
Her welcome a delay
But you became friends
As she showed you the way.

You had Wendy's spirit
And her various habits
From nesting in blankets
To sniffing out rabbits.

You loved to chase birds
And especially the squirrels
It made us so happy
To again have two girls.

To the shop in the basement
You soon learned your way
And you curled on the bed
Where Wendy once lay.

You ate from your platter
And lined up for treats
Iris taught you to beg
And enjoy people eats.

When you became ill
It was hard to believe
Losing you so young
We couldn't conceive.

The kidney disease
Had been there too long
Probably in your genes
Unless they are wrong.

Many tears we've shed
As we faced your demise
We'll miss you so much
Our little blonde prize.