We received Daphne (aka Mitten) as a pup and it was like she was reincarnated from our pet we had just lost.  She looked just like him and had all of his characteristics.  She was loving and gentle,  always greeting us with that cocker wiggle butt and devotion.  She loved wearing her Packer scarf and playing with her squeaky toys.  She loved everyone and all other animals.  She succumbed to anemia.  Vets could do no more for her and even in the last moments she was alive, she looked at us with that unending love.  I miss her terribly, but she certainly earned a nice home in heaven!


Daphne [ADOPTED MAY 10, 2003] is a purebred Cocker puppy born in rescue She is the offspring of Dolly and Pooh. Dolly is on the website under Happy Endings 2003. She came to us along with Pooh after they were picked up as strays traveling together in the Chicago area. Pooh can be seen under Happy Endings as well. They are both purebreds but field types without the coat of the Cockers being bred to the standard today.