angelDinah Rose


Passed over the Rainbow Bridge September 17, 2013.

In Memorium of Dinah Rose

After a long and courageous battle, Dinah Rose could no longer overcome the life-long adversities handed to her.  She passed away this morning, and it’s the saddest day of my life.  I adopted her when she was 1-1/2 yrs. old.  She would have been 12 in November.  She suffered many medical problems during her short life here on earth, but she fought hard.  And, against all odds, was able to overcome the majority of those problems.  She was a real trooper.  She was the sweetest, most loving dog I’ve ever had, always willing to please.  The world will be an empty place without her, as will my heart.  Her “brother” Bailey will miss the companion he’s had for the last 10+ years.  May she find the peace she so deserves.

Rosie, we will always love you and miss you dearly

Patti Tingwald
Bailey Tingwald