Donald 121


Passed over the Rainbw Bridge December 9, 2016

We lost our precious boy on December 9th to AutoImmune Disease.
He leaves a huge hole in our hearts.

Donald [Adopted 2/8/2012] is an  smart and energetic 6 month old puppy with a full tail.  He is still working on his house training skills and is learning to ask to go outside, but needs help with that.  He has learned stay and sit and is working on “shake” when we give treats.  So when he decides it is time for a treat he will come and sit then raise his paw to let you know what he wants!!  When he is on his leash, he walks like he is in the show ring.  He is such a proud little guy.  He is learning to channel all that wonderful puppy energy by playing with his foster brother and sister.  He loves to run in the yard and in the house.  He loves to play with toys and he has a never ending supply of appropriate chew toys.  He is very submissive to his foster siblings and seems to have a very laid back temperament.  He is crate trained and we keep him crated when we have to leave the house and he sleeps there at night.