In Loving Memory of Dottie

From email received May 20th, 2009

My last update to you regarding Dottie (adopted in Feb 2001) was letting you know how great she was doing fitting into our home. Dottie fit with our lifestyle and we all enjoyed our time together with walks, games and healthy eating. She quickly obtained a healthier weight and had an amazing energy level, playing fetch was a favorite game and would even refuse to chase the ball if your throw was too whimpy. In the fall she enjoyed helping me to harvest goodies from the garden – the fresher the veggies the more of them she wanted.

She enriched our life every day for the last eight years; then last Friday (5/15/09), our “Princess” Dottie was laid to rest after succumbing to a spleen tumor. Even her last few days of life were that of the regal princess she believed herself to be. Despite running fevers and fighting the tumor she remained the ruling member of our family. She would rotate between her several personal thrones, none of which she cared to share with her little sister Mayday (aka Maya021 – July 2002) not even in the end. In all honesty I thing Maya may be enjoying being an only child at the moment.

While knowing Dottie is now pain free and probably bugging “grandpa” in heaven for a treat from his pocket, each time we walk into the house to only Maydays greeting we miss her all over again.

Thank you Shorewood Rescue for allowing us to share our life with Dottie, she really made a difference.

Myra Larsen

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