Passed over teh Rainbow Bridge September 2019

My husband and I adopted Slinkee (formerly Ebony) in February of 2007. We were new volunteers for Shorewood Cocker Rescue and she wasn't our first foster dog, but she was our first foster failure. She captured our hearts more and more each day. We knew would couldn't let her go and the rest is history. She was by our side through good times and bad. We called her our Princess and I guess for the most part, we treated her like one. She had a few health issues and in the last year or so, wasn't hearing very well but up until she got sick, she loved our daily walk around the block and enjoyed a mini carrot or some green beans along with her regular meal every day. We had to say good bye to her on July 30, 2019,  just 2 days before her 16th birthday. She has left a void in our lives, our home and especially our hearts.


Ebony [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 10] is a extremely sweet and very affectionate, 3 year old, black female with a very soft and velvety coat. She came to rescue as a private surender. The reason given was that she did not get along with another dog in the household. She gets along very well with her foster sibblings and all the other dogs that she's been exposed to while in rescue. Ebony is a very smart little girl and knows many commands. She's just a pleasure to have around and a very much loved member of her foster home.