angle Eddie

We discovered Shorewood Cocker Rescue a little over 10 yrs ago. Once I saw the picture of Eddie I knew I had to contact them.
Eddie was part of a package deal and we soon had him and Sissy. We loved them dearly into their golden years.
Ed was our ball chaser and up until he was 13 or so would live to fetch. He would come back and spit the ball out, use his feet to push it right at you then back up and get ready to launch himself once again to catch that dang ball.
He loved to play "stair ball" too. He would sit at the top of the stairs and spit the ball down. We'd have to toss it back up to him and wait for the next one.
I was so saddened to realize Eddie had had a stroke, early this morning. He was 15 this year.
He was our "special Ed" our "Edward". You are dearly missed sweet Eddie.

Lisa and Scott Tucker