In Loving Memory of Emily

Seven years ago I adopted the most beautiful loving little 8 year old girl named Emily. Her previous family just decided they didnít want her any longer. When I was looking for another puppy to adopt I was looking at younger ones but when I saw Emilyís picture and the fact that she was 8 years old and just discarded I knew she was the one for me. She was my baby and was very loved by all my family. Emily passed away last Friday, April 11th, in my arms. I miss her more than I could ever image and will always be grateful to the Shorewood Rescue for bringing her into our lives. I know we gave her a great seven years just as she gave the same to us. Emily was 15 Ĺ years old and had kidney problems, but in the end she had a heart attack in her own home and in my arms (just where she belonged).

You'll never be forgotten Emily


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