In Loving Memory of Jazzy (Goldie041)

Adopted January 29, 2005

Went to Rainbow Bridge on January 24, 2010

Jazzy (Goldie) was our very first foster and I got involved with fostering because of him. I had adopted 2 dogs through SCR just a few months before and was made aware of this Cocker really needing help. He was a young boy and had been bounced around between a number of family members who really didn't want him and at least some of them were abusive toward him. I called SCR to see if they could take him. Unfortunately they were full up at the time. I just couldn't leave this boy in the situation he was in, so asked if SCR would take him if I agreed to foster him until he could be adopted.

This little guy was just so very sad and was a total mess needing grooming desperately. Grooming was not something he was used to and this boy wanted no part of that. He was extremely stubborn and fought any form of grooming tooth and nail. I had my work cut out for me. I spent very many hours working with him on overcoming his fear of grooming. I did make progress over time but grooming was never going to be something that he liked. We got to the point of him behaving and tolerating it when I groomed him .... only to just get it over with. He was such a gorgeous boy!!! Jazzy really wanted to be an only dog -- wanted any attention given to be given to him. We didn't have issues with him and our dogs, he pretty much just totally ignored them as if they didn't even exist. Jazzy was with us for us for 7 months before he found his forever home. It was so heart touching to see the changes within him during that timeframe. His tail started wagging and it was so good to see a happy boy emerging from that very sad all the time one I first met.

Jazzy hit the bonanza when he found his forever family!! John and Connie Arco lavished this boy with love. There's nothing they wouldn't do for him and he got anything he wanted. I was so blessed as they did keep in touch and allowed me to share in his life. They even made several trips here when we had adoption events at Mounds and then at Petco just so that we could reunite with him. Jazzy never forgot us and was so very happy to see us but did let me know that he loved his mom and dad and that he was going home with them! It brought tears to my eyes to see how adoringly he looked up at his mom and dad. This was one very happy boy.... he actually wiggled all over all the time and had a big smile on his face.

A little over a year ago, Jazzy had to have ACL surgery and his dad took extend time off work so that he could be home to care for him while he recooperated. Last August, I got email from Connie and Jazzy had been diagnosed with a heart condition. Their vet was going to try a new "miracle med" on him. Connie went into her work and cut the hours that she was working even though it meant losing benefits so that she could be home more of the time to care for him and be with him. The miracle med didn't work as well as it was hoped to. Jazzy developed pnemonia and was on antibiotics for that. On January 24th he was having a very difficult time trying to breathe.. struggling to do so. They called their vet in and Jazzy's suffering was ended.

Jazzy was their World!! They truly went above and beyond for him. I couldn't have created a better family or home for him. I am forever grateful for everything they did for him!! Rest in Peace my very Special Boy!!

You are very much loved and so greatly missed! Thank You John and Connie!!

Deb Kent

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