Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 1/31/2020

Gretta was fostered by my husband and myself and eventually adopted by us. She spent the first 5 years of her life as a breeder in a Wisconsin puppy mill. By the time she made her way to Shorewood Cocker Rescue, she was the most terrified puppy mill rescue I had ever fostered. She was so scared that a simple switching on the light would put her into a panic. We took one day at a time with her and after working with her for a year, we decided we just couldn't let her go, so we adopted her. She slowly came out of her shell. Sadly she had very painful glaucoma, so 1 1/2 years apart of each other, she had surgery to remove both eyes. So she lived siteless for almost six years. She actually became braver after losing her eyes, as those things that scared her visually, were now gone. She was a warrior and plowed her way through the rest of her life with us, until one day, we knew it was time to say good bye to her. I held her as she passed over the Rainbow Bridge and I just know that she was seeing again. I told her to find her cocker siblings, Frizzbee, Slinkee and Muffin and a tiny smile happened and her pink tongue stuck out. The 4 of them were together again. 

Gretta [ADOPTED MARCH 9] is a 5-year-old female with a natural tail who was rescued from a puppy mill auction in Wisconsin. She has come a long way since she first arrived in her foster home and with lots of love and patience she will continue to blossom. Former Mill Dogs do make wonderful, very loving and very devoted pets. She did not have much contact with the outside world until she came to rescue so she is still easily startled by noises and sudden moves. For that reason, it is imperative that she be placed in a home with a securely fenced yard otherwise she could bolt and quickly disappear. It is also recommended that she be placed in a home with at least one other dog. Mill Dogs tend to bond to other dogs already living in the home and follow their lead. Sadly, they tend to trust other dogs living with them before gaining trust in their people. She is crate trained and is doing very well on her housetraining. She has especially big eyes and one look into them will melt your heart.

Update from Gretta's Foster Mom: Gretta surprises us everyday here. She continues to get braver with each day. She absolutely loves romping in the yard with her two foster siblings and is doing great with her housetraining. If we are out of the house during the day, we have been comfortable leaving her out of the crate for short periods of time. We do still crate her at night and she is happiest if the crate is at least near our bedroom so that she can hear or see us. While we were away on vacation recently, she was temporarily fostered by another SCR foster mom and did good at her house as well. In her temporary foster home she discovered cats and would chase them but that was the extent of it. I suspect that is because she had never been around them before. I think she would be fine in a home with cats.