In Loving Memory of Griffin

I want to say a big thank you to SCR for giving us the privilege to adopt Griffin. Or as we liked to call him Little G, or G-man. What a sweet and wonderful boy he was not a mean bone in his body. They told us at the time of his adoption that he had been found wondering lost and abandoned. Well it took a long time for him to develop trust, but when he did boy what a lovable and loyal dog he was! His favorite thing was to carry around your shoes and hide them, as soon as you walked in the door he would run and grab a shoe and trot around the house with it. What a little stinker, and if you couldnít find your shoes in the morning sure enough if you went to his dog bed there he would be with all the shoes surrounded by him. About a year ago, we found out that he had a tumor on his spleen and that is was growing rapidly, given his age at the time we felt the best thing to do was let him live as long as possible, and when the time was right we would let him go. Well November 2006 was his time and with much sadness we sent him on to a better place. I like to think he is with all the other dogs we have adopted over the years and is having a wonderful time and waiting until itís our turn to go and then we will all be together again.


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