In Loving Memory of Harlow

5/18/1994 Ė 6/12/2008
Adopted 10/10/99

Our sweet and gentle Harlow passed away on Thursday. She was 14 years old. Despite being blind and deaf for the past 3 years, she still functioned wonderfully. Her age, neurological problems and cancer were finally more than even she could bare, so, with broken hearts, we had to let her go to a better place. A beautiful silver buff girl, she came to us after having several litters of puppies. I remember her standing in my kitchen in the autumn of 1999, when Carole Kohler placed her, trembling and shy. We had chosen another dog off the web site, but, Carole was bound and determined that Harlow was a better match for us, and Iím glad she stood her ground. She cried when she left our home, obviously very attached to Harlow, so I knew that it was really important that we had been chosen to be Harlow ís new family. We are so grateful for that fateful decision. It took one day and she was attached at the hip to me forever. She has been special from the beginning. Everyone loved her. We never heard a bark from her, she never snarled, always patient, she loved everyone, and she greeted everyone with wags and kisses. Friends and family called her the Gund cocker spaniel, because she was like a teddy bear, never complaining how a child would hold her or hug her, just sweet and gentle to a fault. I canít imagine that we will ever see another wonderful dog like her again, but, we are grateful that she shared her life and grace with us for 8 Ĺ very special years.

We love you and will miss you terribly, our little Harlow!

The Miller Family,

Mike, Kathy, Courtney and your goofy sister, Zoe, (pictured with Harlow above) who is still searching the house for you and waits for you to return home.