Passed over the Rainbow Bridge 2/24/2013

Henry was a cute chocolate-and-white boy. He liked to go for long walks and spend time outside where he would bark at the airplanes, squirrels and, mostly, the barbecue. He learned to sit nicely for a cookie and his meals and loved to come to me and be petted on the top of his head and tummy. One of his favorite things was to lie on my bed and look out the window into the back yard. While Henry was here for a very short time, he was much loved by his family and will be greatly missed. May he rest peacefully with the others waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge, until we meet again.  – Love Mama and Kim

Henry [Adopted 11/9/2012]is a sweet, 5 year old, chocolate and white male that came to us from down south earlier this year. Henry loves attention, but we have found that he overstimulates easily so needs to go to an experienced home where he won't be kissed , hugged, cuddled, or constantly touched, or being picked up. He goes to his foster mom and will lightly hop up with his front feet on her knee to get his petting and then goes when he has enough. Henry is house and crate trained.
Henry was adopted and will be staying with his foster mom, Candi Petersen, who will now be his forever mom! Thank you, Candi.