Passed over teh Rainbow Bridge Feb 2019

Hershey was a wonderful companion, very even tempered and got along with everyone and other animals.  He had been blind for over 3 years, but never let that bother him.  He only barked when someone else walked into the house.  He couldn’t see them, but he knew someone was there.  As soon as I touched him he knew it was okay.  I will miss that.  He no longer went upstairs to go to bed at night, but he had 2 nice beds downstairs and adapted to that very nicely.  As long as the furniture didn’t get moved around too much he had his path, but once he got outside, he still loved to run.  He liked car rides when he was younger, but it bothered him a little after his blindness.  We are going to miss him terribly, but we know he has earned a good place in heaven for being such a good dog.  Sadly,    Marlene and Dan.

Hershey [Adopted 3/18/2012] is a 5 year old male who came to us from a southern shelter.  He was found in a home with several other dogs all of whom were thin and matted.  He had to be shaved down because of the  mats.  When his hair grows back he will be a beautiful  chocolate color.  He is housetrained and is willing stay in his crate at night.  Once the family is up he wants to be with his humans.  He loves to sit in your lap or if you are a late sleeper he may join you.  Hershey is a gentle dog who does very well with other dogs and cats.  He loves to ride in the car or go for walks.  His foster mom says he does need more work on the leash.  Hershey  has proved he is a smart little fellow as he has already learned to sit  and gently take a treat.  As his nutrition improves, so does his energy level.  This boy is not a couch potato.  He would like to get in the yard or go to the dog park and run a couple of laps.