Passed over the Rainbow Bridge May 3, 2018

In July 2010 Shorewood Cocker Rescue asked if I would foster a chocolate and white cocker girl named Holly.I did and after a week I adopted her .I have loved all my dogs 13 in 19 years , this one was special like another child . She loved all her brothers and sisters and every foster that came in here .She was sweet , loving and did nt know what bad dog was.After a short illness I had to take my beloved child to the rainbow bridge . I will miss you my sweet girl.
Holly Joy Petersen Nov 10 2002    May 3 2018 my blessing.

Holly [ADOPTED AUGUST 9] is a 7-year-old female who came to us because her owner's child was seriously allergic. She was dangerously overweight and needed to be put on a diet and have regular exercise. She is housetrained and could only be described as kind and loving. She has a wonderful personality and at times it seems as if she is talking to you.