Irish [ADOPTED MAY 12, 2001]

We lost our sweet boy today, and our hearts are broken in a million pieces. His original SCR name was Irish, no doubt because of his red hair. We modified his name to Irish Casey Joe when we adopted him in 2001. We called him Casey most of the time, but "Junior" was his nickname. He was a very timid boy when he came to us. Over time he lost the timidity, but never lost his sweetness. He especially adored his "Big Sis" companion dog, Lucy, and she loved him and taught him many new things. We lost Lucy two months ago at age 15, and only then did Casey's health problems surface.I have spent almost every waking and sleeping hour with him since Lucy died, and with a lot of help from his doctor, we were able to keep him comfortable and happy as long as possible.We finally had to say goodbye, but he will remain in our hearts forever.