In Loving Memory of Lucky (Jed041)

From email received April 11, 2009

In July of 2004, I adopted "Lucky" from Shorewood Cocker Spaniel Rescue". He was a 10-week-old, black cocker spaniel puppy. He was the best dog that I have ever had! We had to put him to sleep on March 30, 2009 because he had cancer of his GI tract, liver and spleen. He was one very sick little boy. It is one of the saddest day's in my life. He was only 4 and it is such a shame because he had so much life left to live and someone else had other plans for him.

He is the only dog I know that would smile at you when you came in the front door. He would body slam his other house mates. He thought he was the one that would rule the roost. He charge across the back yard barking at the neighbor's dog to then turn around and look at us to see if it was okay.

Just wanted to share with you what a joy it was to have "Lucky" in our life and your organization continues to do such a wonderful job.

Carol Meyerholz

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