Crossed to the Rainbow Bridge - 03/11/2021 [ Adopted June 2018] Let me introduce you to 6 year old, Jill. She is a red female with a full tail that wags almost constantly. She was turned in to a shelter in Illinois when her owner passed away and then made her way to us here at SCR. She came to us somewhat shy and scared but it didn't take her long to adjust to and enjoy the company of the other 3 cockers in our home. She is a bit of a submissive wetter. If you have never experienced that issue, you will learn quickly how to handle it and often it gets less frequent over time. She is house trained and crate trained and walks well on a leash. She would be fine as an only dog as I believe that is what she was used to but she gets along well with our cockers and seems fine also with dogs of different sizes that we encounter when we take walks. Jill's most concerning issue is one that will require lots of patience from her groomer. She is not fond at all of the shears or the dryer. She will have to be scissor cut. I hope that in time, with patience and understanding that she will get over this fear. Do you have room in your heart and your home for Jill?

From her people: Jill came to our home in June 19, 2018. She was nervous and scared for about a week, but we all worked out a great daily routine. In the morning she raced down the stairs in anticipation of "eatles", that was code for kibble and bits. I would say eatles and she would start dancing about, in full wigglebutt mode. Then it was time for morning walk, then a morning nap in the kitchen on her favorite bed. Around 11 it was time for a shmiggy, code for some bits of food. She would wake up and just stand near me and stare at me. If I forgot she would gently tap on my leg with her paw. Jill rarely slept in the afternoon she would mostly just lay and watch me prep and cook dinner, waiting for precious bits to hit the floor. When my son would come home he would immediately go to Jill and they would play puppy ruckus, and I would remind him to be "Gentle with She." Dinner was around 6, then another walk. Jill seemed to like her evening walks the best, they were purposeful and quick. In the evening she would love to jump up on my husband's favorite chair before he got there. He would ply her down with a treat. She would then jump up on the couch so she could keep and eye on us. If anyone got up, she would shadow them into the nearby kitchen. In the Fall Jill's luscious coat began to thin, and she was diagnosed with Cushings. Around this time she was not able to jump up on to her favorite chair or the couch. During a tooth cleaning the doctor checked her legs, and discovered a loose ACL. At the beginning of March 2021, we were preparing for her ACL surgery, when she began to really slow down. One day she didn't race down to get her Eatles, and when she tried to get up for her afternoon snack she just yelped in pain and then hid in a dark corner, and place where she never ever slept before. That day the vet discovered a large tumor in her lower abdomen and it looked to be on her bladder. Since surgery was not an option and Jill was in obvious pain and discomfort we spent her last day with friends and family stopping by to say good bye to Sweet Jill, and give her favorite thing..........treats.