In Loving Memory of Beau (Joe031)

This photo was taken June 22,2008.
Beau was napping on the bathroom floor and looks so content and peaceful. So cute with his bow still on.
Beau went to Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, June 24, 2008.

It is with a heavy heart and one filled with so much gratitude that I write you tonight. In March 2003, I went to the show after having foot surgery and in a wheel chair I saw Joe031. It was instant love for this beautiful, soft, black, one-eyed boy. I was told I could have him but since I couldn't really get around and had 2 others, I didn't take him. I looked at the web everyday and in June emailed you I would like this boy, and the next day you were on my patio. Joe031 went to Beau (I loved the name, soft and sweet like him.) He fit right in and Bailey, Buster and Beau and I all went on long walks. He was happy. In December 2003, he got an eye infection and we made many trips to the vet. It was recommended we go to eye care for animals. He had Glaucoma and his eye was removed, he handled it well but no longer walked fast and bent his head. This boy bumped into things and never winced or growled he just went the other way. He was always the FIRST at the door to go out. In August 2004, he slipped a disk and was paralyzed. He was on steroids and laid on a blanket in the dining room in the middle of the house (so he could still be a part of everything). A lot of people said I should put him down (I knew my little trooper wasn't giving up, so neither was I). I would hold his legs up outside and he moved well so I got him a wheelchair and he did ok outside. Then one day I was making my bed 6 months later and there was my trooper (as we had nicknamed him) in the bedroom door. He was loving and sweet and everyone who met him remarked what a wonderful boy he was. The vet called him "the kindly old gentleman" and the last few times at the groomers they held him (as they knew he wasn't well). Beau developed cancer and today I had to set him free. I hope he is romping and can see with the big brown eyes he once had. He was an inspiration, not just a dog named Beau!

This photo is one of my favorites and is of Beau shortly after he came to live with us. Till we meet again!

Thank you!


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