Passed over the Rainbow Bridge

After I lost my first cocker I sent in an application form requesting a dog to adopt. Elaine called me and asked me all sorts of questions and then said she had a special fellow who needed a quiet home with cocker experience and no children. Yes, to all. That was how Joe came into my life. He was special indeed!

Karen brought Joe to me in May 2006. He’d had a rough start in life. He was a scared little dog, afraid of people, terrified of being touched or petted, kissed, or hugged. Just a kissing sound would send him running from the room. His confidence was shattered. But he was smart and sweet and so full of hope. With help from a trainer we started over. He was so sensitive, easily shattered. He responded well to gentle positive training, an eager student. Every day we worked and played and learned. I was careful that he would always succeed with the training. It was fun and rewarding.

Each year Joe got better. He was proud of himself as he got braver. He was smart and knew when he was good and loved being told so. His personality bloomed. He started asking for hugs! He was an athletic boy and could run for hours. He was sweet and clever, happy and confident. He had a great life, overcoming all the early troubles. He loved his people, his ball, chasing rabbits, helping with the dishes, sleeping in the hostas, car rides, and endless walking. As he got older he developed an adorable personality and became very opinionated in the cutest possible way. So many people have commented on what a great cocker spaniel he was. I was proud of my perfect dog! I’m lucky to have had him in my life. I loved him dearly and miss him very much.

And so a huge thank you to Elaine and Karen and all of SCR for saving this little dog and all the little dogs, for working so hard to find them homes so they can flourish and find love. Thank you for believing they are all great dogs. Thank you for giving me Joe.

Kathy Keck

Joe [ADOPTED APRIL 30] is a 3 year old male who came to us from a Wisconsin shelter. He was surrendered because he was not good with the family's 3 young children. Joe did well on his temperament test at the shelter and is a sweetheart in rescue. We have found that Joe does not like to be hugged and kissed. He finds this type of human behavior quite threatening. Since children many times exhibit this kind of behavior, we are looking for a home without children. Joe is a great dog for an all adult home. He is smart, obedient and knows several commands. Joe is housetrained.