In Loving Memory of Joey031

Joey 031, aka Ch. San Jos Hot Spot, aka our little Joey 1/22/99 6/7/07.

We lost our little Joey a little over two weeks ago. After we lost our Baxter, Carole Kohler the breeder we got Baxter and Oliver from, suggested that if we wanted to get a buddy for Oliver to replace Baxter we should look at rescue. We monitored the Shorewood site, not quite ready to make the move. After a year I spotted Joey on the site. It was love at first sight, so on my birthday in 2003 we adopted Joey. He and Oliver hit it off immediately and we had a very happy family for several years. Joey had always had problems with his ears and two years ago he lost all of his hearing. He was still a happy little guy and he coped quite well. A year ago, we lost his brother, Oliver, and shortly there after his life was disrupted again when we had to move out of our house for three months after a house fire. Again he adapted quite well. In late May, Joey quite suddenly started to run into things and resisted going for walks. His eyes were tested and he was blind. We knew it was not Glaucoma because we had him tested along with Oliver 18 months before. The thought was that it was Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS). We made the decision to see if he would adapt to being both blind and deaf. After about two weeks, he started to have what appeared to be strokes. After discussions with the vets, we came to the conclusion that it was probably a tumor that had caused the blindness and the strokes. At that point we thought it would be best for him to let him go. So, on Thursday June 7th we let him go quietly. We have had 7 dogs over our 37 years of marriage and each one has been more difficult to let go, but Joey has a very, very special place in my heart and he was by far the most difficult. I still open the back door slowly when I come in and expect to see than beautiful black and white wagging his warm hello. We are going to miss him, terribly


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