angelMuffin (Josie071)


Passed over teh rainbow bridge May 18, 2015

I adopted Muffin in December of 2007 for my Mother. They were good companions for a few years and then my Mothers health was such that I felt she could not care for Muffin like she deserved to be cared for. My Mom was sad but agreed at a point when I told her I thought it was best that Muffin come to live with my husband and me and our three cockers. I frequently took her for visits and that seemed to work out just fine. Muffin had IBS and was deaf with a regimen of ear drops every other day but she remained the sweetest dog, never asking for much in return. The only noise she ever made was squealing in excitement for her meals. She was diagnosed with mouth cancer and in less than a month of her diagnosis, we had to see goodbye to her. She has left a void in our family. We miss her very much.  

Josie [ADOPTED DECEMBER 8] is a petite, Black female who came to us from a breeder. She is approximately 6 years old. Josie is on the chubby side so she is now on a bit of a diet. She is a wonderful sweet little girl who likes very much to be by "her human". She is housetrained and crate trained. She is a happy little girl who loves everyone. Her little tail never stops wagging.