In Loving Memory of Joy071

Email from her foster mom on Monday, September 03, 2007. Posted with her permission.

Joy had been doing quite well - eating and constantly begging treats, going for short walks and chasing the cat. Wednesday, she began panting as if she had been exerting herself too much . This continued and on Thursday I found the large tumor on her throat but she was still active with a good appetite. Friday morning, it was clear she was going downhill fast. She was breathing hard, would not eat and would not come downstairs. When she wouldn't take a treat, I knew she was close.

When Tom came home from work, he could not find her. Finally, he found her under the bed in the guest room - a place we do not normally go into so I think she was looking for her place to die. As soon as I got home, we knew she needed to go in so Tom took her into the vet's. She went downhill so fast - the vet thought she probably had tumors inside her throat and chest also. I couldn't believe how painful it was to let her go. We both cried a lot that night. I'll always remember how spunky she was right up to the end.


Soon after Joy went up on the website as being Available for Adoption, she was diagnosed with cancer. It was just a matter of time for her, so she was removed from the Adoptables List to live out the remainder of her time as a very much loved little girl in her Foster Home.

Joy's Adoptable's Bio:

Joy is a petite and very sweet, 10 year old girl who suddenly found herself in a shelter after her beloved owner died. Her chances of being adopted there were very bleak so Joy came to rescue from that shelter. Joy likes to be outside and to go for short, slow walks. She has arthritis in her hips so long walks just aren't for her nor is jumping up on furniture. She is very content laying on the floor next to the bed or couch near her people. She's a very friendly gal and all the neighborhood kids know and lover her. Joy is housetrained but it's important for her to stick to her schedule so is best placed in a home where someone is home much of the time.

This little gal is a wonderful companion and has so much love to give. She's looking for that special home without kitties where she can lavish all her love on her people for the rest of her days.