Passed over the Rainbow Bridge Feb 2019

Well this is so hard to write about I dreaded this day even though we knew it would come . We adopted Justice 8 yrs ago from Shorewood Cocker Spainal . Justice had a hard life he had broken leg 10 pounds of Matt’s on his body stunk so bad infections in ears could not jump on furniture and many more things . 
I seen the picture of his beautiful face and fell in love we have 2 other dogs and 2 cats at home which Justice bonded with so well he buddy coal the kitty and him always slept together . He was a very clingy dog he took to me followed me everywhere . He just was so happy he loved walks , treats and giving kisses . He loved our grand daughter kennedy he played with her all the time chased her and never got tired kissed her . 
He woke up last bight and could not breathe was in horrible shape rushed him to vet and they said his lungs were filling up with water and they also said something is going on with throat a mass . After trying to help him the best decision was recommended to put him to sleep he was 14 yrs old and for a long time prior peed in house and pooped but we used diapers and still loved him but we just couldn’t help him anymore . We held him and they put him to sleep in my arms I can’t stop crying I feel so empty and loss . I know he is in heaven right know . I went to the Bible and read Isaiah 11 and what it says about animals in heaven and low and behold JUSTICE was mentioned !! I had a sense of warmth and I know god sent us a message !! 

Thanks so much for all u do Shorewood !! 
Justice is now running in heaven with all the others animals !! We will see him again 

Karen And Greg Smith 

Justice [Adopted 12/1/2012] is a 7 year old male who was surrendered to an inner city shelter because his owners were moving.  This may have been his lucky day. His feet could not touch the ground because of the size of the mats.  In an attempt to make him more comfortable,  we shaved and cut off some of the larger mats before he went to the groomer.  They  weighed in excess of 3 pounds.  Not once during the entire procedure did he growl or complain in any way.  Needless to say our groomer was forced to totally shave him down.    It will probably  be a couple of months before he will have a rich coat because his skin was not getting much air.  Justice is a big Cocker weighing 36 pounds.   He has a beautiful classic head and when his hair grows back he will be a handsome  boy.   Justice is proof that dogs can be very forgiving.  He loves everyone.    I don't think he has met a dog he doesn't like and he thinks cats are just fine too.  He is housetrained.  We have had no need to crate him.