In Loving Memory of Kirby (kirby051)

Kirby Dakins was a good dog.  He always listened to us and he never barked.  The only time he ever barked was once when he saw a plastic bag outside, blowing in the wind.  He loved to walk.  He never really liked to play with his toys.  We always tried new toys but was not interested.  We got him on May 27, 2005 from the Cocker Resue.  They said he was 6.  Our Vet thought he was a little older.  The last four months he had been to the vet four times.  It started out with a cough. After the xray showed his lungs and heart were fine.  We tried several different medication for him.     He died in my husbands arms, while I was gone.   Kirby really liked small children.  He added a lot to our family.  He will be missed by all his family.