In Loving Memory of Lena

Adopted from Wigglebutt Walk 2006

Went to Rainbow Bridge on November 7, 2009

From email received November 9, 2008

Thank you to Shorewood for giving us the opportunity to adopt Lena. The day we first met her was at the Wigglebutt walk in 2006. She was so scared! Rod and Eric managed to coax her out of her cage and we immediately fell in love with her. We don't know much about Lena's past, but we suspect she spent much of her early life in a kennel. She was fearful of strangers and of most dogs as well. Lena enjoyed spending time with her family and loved to go camping! Here is a picture of her in the pop-up as we were loading up one day. Lena's early years may have not been the best, but we can say her later years were very happy and she was well loved.

Rod, Carolyn & Eric Hammons

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