In Loving Memory of Lexus

October 7th, 2008

Six-year-old Lexus sprang into our lives Easter weekend in 2000, returning the joy and energy of a happy and healthy dog to a house quieted by the loss of Dobbs two months earlier. Always easy to care for, her enthusiasm and loyalty brought us smiles every day for over 8 years (Tigger the cat may disagree!). Even as her hearing and eyesight left her over the past two years, and tumors grew, she was always happy for belly rubs and walks every morning and evening, to discover once again the scents of the neighborhood, and demanding a treat for good behavior once back in the house she claimed as hers.

Lexus wasn't one to sit pretty. Even deaf, blind in one eye and all but blind in the other, she meandered downstairs one day this past summer. My oldest son noticed her missing and found her in the basement, this blind dog following her nose, perched fairly precariously on top of slippery containers 3' off the ground, eating all the food from the cat's dish! How she safely made it up there, and especially back down, is little short of amazing, but when there was food involved she had determination, if not the most well thought-out plans. While she was caught up in her meal, my son ran back upstairs and was able to catch some pictures of her little raid, something she was to repeat quite a bit now that she had it figured out.

We're grateful to Shorewood Cocker Rescue and its wonderful, selfless volunteers who brought Lexus into our lives. Lexus lived happily into her 14th year and has left a big hole in our hearts.

We miss you and will never forget you!

Neil, Jan, Joel and Jon Kramschuster

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